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Friday, March 27, 2015

We started our afternoon fishing late, by the time we got to the water it appear half the fly fisherman in Denver had decided to come out and hunt trout. Anglers were posted up on ever nook and cranny of the river... We hiked in a 1/4 mile thinking this would help dissipate some of the pressure as S. Platte anglers, in this area, are no more prone to travel, then the fish that they catch. however this theory proved misguided as there were at least half a dozen fly rods on any given stretch of water we wanted to fish... So we did what any polite fisherman would do in this situation... (we threw rocks at them tell they chased one of us....then the other would sneak down and throw a couple of casts before being run off of the hole)...LOL, well not exactly.... we moved off, and waited for the conveyor belt of anglers to allow us into a prized hole....the waiting, in this instance, gave way to several fish around 18-20 inches and later in the day a 24 inch rainbow that took a size 20 UV resin black beauty and ran for what seemed like a mile.